"I feel a responsibility to preserve nature uninterupted by architecture & modern technology  as this is becoming more and more limited; and to advertise nature to those who are glued to their devises and have little interest to go for walks/hikes in woods or nature parks ect."

A Duck Mesmerized

A Swan Drooling

A Barn Owl Day Dreaming

An Otter Contemplating

An Otter Oblivious

A Fox Transfixed

A Deer Waiting

A Deer Wanting

A Meerkat Comparing

A Bird Listening

A Hare Hiding

A Butterfly Planning

A Butterfly Playing Dead

Lady Bird Bright and Early

A Bee Resting

Untouched Snow

Pointing Finger Branch

A Tree Outside of my House That Had Built Up Snow

There's Just Something About Thick Snow on Leaves

Snow Build Up

Even on a Dull Day, Flowers Look Beautiful

Light Shining Through A Tiny Gap

Many Colours of Sunset Shining Through The leaves

Silhouetted Sunset Covered in Branches

The Sun Going To Bed From a Different View

The First of the Sun Hitting The First of the Ground

The Many Colours of Autumn

Just After Rain, and the Sun Starts Shining

Playing with Focal Points on Blossoms

Don't Tread on Daisies

Build You Up

A Tree, Lit Up by the Morning Sun

The Line of Many Walkers, Lit up by the Sun

The Yellow of Autumn

The Golden Hour Glow

Ghostly Morning Fog

The Golden Sunrise Mist

Pittville Park at its Finest

Green Summer

Purple in Autumn

Drama in the Woods

Follow the Path to See the Frame

Natural Triangle Framing

Many Frames in the Gap of One Tree

Pouring with Autumn

Take a Walk with Me

Tell a Story with Nature

Read Between the Gaps

Winter Still Has Colour

Open Your Eyes

Nature Wins

Look Beyond the Frame

Explore the World With Me

Take My Hand

Put Down the Phone

Technology Taking Over Our World

Darkness and Lightness Must Co-exist

Lines Are Blurry.

Do You Have a Charger?

Everyone Has There Own Mental Health Therapies.

To Really See, You Must Really Look.



Eyes Bright

Details Are Important

The Daffodil Means Something Different For Everyone.

Soft and Bright

At Peace

Shadows and Lines

Shadows and Light, Grabs  My Eye

Black and White Hits Different

Alone Does Not Mean Unwanted

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